Little Farmer

Connecting children to the food they eat and the land on which it grows

An experential outdoor educational session for children

Upcoming session for families: Feb 17th 2018

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One of the invaluable gifts children have is infectious enthusiasm for nature, a gift that will last for the rest of their lives - long after the cell phones and tablets have disappeared. A child's relationship with nature and food is imperative for overall development and education. It has been proven by research that the children who grow their own food are more likely to have healthy eating habits and eat more vegetables and fruits.

Little Farmer is an effort to connect children to the food they eat and the land on which it grows. In the fast paced city life where parents and children both are busy, food is the first thing that is neglected. Children have started liking processed, fast food over home cooked healthy food and they have no idea of where the milk & eggs come from.

A day spent on a farm can meet numerous learning objectives and also build a long lasting relationship with nature.

Program Overview

Apart from meeting the above objectives, we ensure that the children play games and have fun with the domestic animals on the farm.
Approx Duration Activity
30 mins Welcome Drink & Expectation Setting
Welcome kids in the farm, Introduction of facilitators and expectation setting, do's & dont's on the farm & safety guidelines
90 mins Classroom Session - Introduction to Organic Farming
45 mins Tour of one Green House Children will be allowed to enter a greenhouse under observation and facilitators will explain the plants being grown and methods used in the greenhouse for farming.
45 mins Lunch Break
30 mins Introduction to Soil Science & No Till Agriculture - Impact of farming practices & harmful chemicals on human health and environment
90 mins Hands on Farming - Farming by children in the greenhouse under the guidance of experts in the farm
30 mins Introduction to the animals who contribute to the daily human diet -Demonstration of cow milking process & feeding the cage free chicken
60 mins Activities to reinforce learning to meet specific objectives
20 mins High Tea & Departure

Sri Kumarans Children's Home

Ebenezer International School

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