Little Farmer

Connecting children to the food they eat and the land on which it grows

An experiential outdoor education session for children

One of the invaluable gifts children have is infectious enthusiasm for nature, a gift that will last for the rest of their lives - long after the cell phones and tablets have disappeared. A child's relationship with nature and food is imperative for overall development and education. It has been proven by research that the children who grow their own food are more likely to have healthy eating habits and eat more vegetables and fruits.

Little Farmer is an effort to connect children to the food they eat and the land on which it grows. In the fast paced city life where parents and children both are busy, food is the first thing that is neglected. Children have started liking processed, fast food over home cooked healthy food and they have no idea of where the milk & eggs come from.

A day spent on a farm can meet numerous learning objectives and also build a long lasting relationship with nature.

Program Overview

Experience the farm and process of growing food.

Appreciate the animals who contribute to our daily diet.

Observe the process of milking the cow.

Feed the cage free chicken.

Learn the cycle of crop cultivation and participate in the process.

Understand the importance of eating organic food and impact on health.

Play games and have fun.

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Little farmers from:

The Samhita Academy

National Public School

Sri Kumarans Children's Home

Ebenezer International School